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Since 2015, I have partnered with businesses to document projects nationwide for various industries. I travel 65,000 miles per year for Amdak Clients. Learn more about my recent projects and see how I can help you take your brand to the next level.


Micah J. Zimmerman

I am Micah J. Zimmerman, owner of Amdak Productions, LLC. Taking projects from start to finish, my passion is for exceeding clients’ expectations. I provide turn-key solutions documenting & showcasing projects throughout the various stages, from dirt work to the final walkthrough; I capture it all. I’m creative, dependable, respectful, and passionate about what I do. I value integrity, honesty, and transparency and take pride in upholding my commitments to every client & opportunity. My values and promises always remain paramount - assuring you of quality work. Armed with years of experience behind the camera, I take pride in what I do and for whom I do it. 



Micah J. Zimmerman

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I Aim to Provide High-Quality Services

At Amdak Productions, LLC, I aim to build a client relationship and provide the highest quality services. I strive to exceed expectations and deliver results that make a lasting impact. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships with my clients.

The Landing, BC Contracting Project

Streamlined Project Management

At Amdak, I believe that efficient project management is key to delivering top-quality Creative Services. My years of experience managing multiple shoots a week thousands of miles apart is all possible with a strong system. My solution eliminates the typical confusion and disorganization found in project management by keeping all essential files, emails, invoices, proposals, contracts, and calendars in one well-organized space. With my streamlined approach, I handle everything from start to finish – from inquiries to payments and all stages in between.