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Since 2010, Micah J. Zimmerman has been photographing artists in venues across the upper midwest.

KISS, Journey, David Lee Roth, Kraddy, FUN, Dillon Francis, Carrie Underwood, Bassnectar, Zed's Dead, GRIZ, Pretty Lights, Nelly, Flosstradamus, The Floozies, 3OH!3, Sick Puppies, The Johnny Holms Band, The Blenders, G-Love, Special Sauce, The Belle Brigade, Unlimited Gravity, EOTO, Dirty Talk, Mochipet, Ana Sia, Protohype, Ecliptik, Tobacco, Beans, The COOP, Sovereign Sect, Cali Swag District, Big Reeno, Tyerrell Woods, Vincent Favard, DJ Dextrious, K-Drive, Xidzeta,

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